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This website was created by Piglet Evans and Matthew Simon Cavalletto to share our collection of charts that explore techniques for weaving potholders from loops. Read more about our work and this website.

Weaving Charts

We’ve created more than six hundred potholder weaving charts, including designs for both traditional 7-inch loops and “pro” 10-inch loops. You can search for individual weaving charts or get a combined PDF of the full collection.

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Our blog posts include photos and commentary on many of the designs, as well as more general discussions of weaving techniques and pattern design. You can subscribe to get new posts by email.

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This collection, and each of the individual charts, are available to everyone for free under an “open culture” license.

Understanding a few common conventions used by the potholder-weaving community will help you understand how to read our charts, including the meaning of the | and — symbols.

The charts are all drawn in black, white, and gray so they’re easy to read and print, but you can weave them using any colors you like.

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