Friendly Loom Loop Pack Pricing

Someone recently asked about the numbers of cotton potholder loops included in the various package sizes available from Friendly Loom.

I put together the reference list below based on the current prices as of June 2024. Each package size has a rated number of potholders it can make, which we can multiply to estimate the number of loops included, and the price per loop.

Traditional / 7″
Mini272$9$0.13Multicolor, 34 Solids
Lotta6216$20$0.094 Multiples, 2 Solids
Party18648$48$0.074 Multiples
Studio481,728$100$0.064 Multiples
Pro / 10″
Mini2108$17$0.16Multicolor, 34 Solids
Lotta6324$40$0.124 Multiples, 2 Solids
Party18972$90$0.094 Multiples
Studio482,592$200$0.084 Multiples

You’ll notice that there is a significant discount for volume purchases; the Studio packs are half the price-per-loop of the Mini packs, and the Party packs are close to that.

On the other hand, when buying the larger bags you’re limited to choosing from the four multi-color palettes they offer: rainbow (9 brights), botanical (7 pastels), earthtones (7 darks), and neutrals (8 beige/grays). And as they note, the multi-color bags don’t have perfectly even numbers of each color, and the proportion will vary from one bag to the next; in extreme cases you might get twice as many loops of one color than another.

Three colors are not included in any of the multi-color palettes and are thus only available in Mini packs: peacock, purple, and salmon.

Not shown on this chart art the “exclusive” colors: cayenne, sea glass, denim, skillet, lipstick, and lichen. These are sold in the “lotta loops” size (enough for 6 potholders) and cost an extra $1 (traditional) or $2 (pro) more than the other colors.

There are also “bundles” which contain 3 or 4 different solid-color “Mini” packs; these are mostly useful if you’re having trouble choosing color combinations, and most of them aren’t any cheaper than just buying the individual colors separately.

There’s also one “exclusive bundle,” called “spring thaw,” which includes two “lotta loops” bags, one of white loops and the other the botanical mix, which is discounted to a few dollars less than buying the two independently.

I hope this information helps folks make informed purchasing decisions!

Potholder Videos by Margie Duffy

Over the last year, Margie Duffy has created a collection of dozens of videos showcasing a wide variety of potholder weaving patterns and techniques. Some of the videos feature patterns found on our website, but lots of other creators’ designs are featured as well.

Her “weave along” format lets you watch as she works a project from start to finish, buoyed by her cheerful commentary, and because it’s shown in real time, you can weave your own at the same time as you watch the video, without having to repeatedly pause and rewind to keep it in synch.

You might find these videos especially useful if you’re trying to learn a new technique, like doing your first shadow weave or clasp weave project — being able to see someone’s hands working through the process can provide an “a-ha” moment that’s missing from just reading descriptions or looking at charts.

Visit Margie’s channel on YouTube, and consider using the “subscribe” option to get notified when she posts new videos.