Bowen Knot

Following up on the “Twisted Cords” design from last week, here’s another newly-charted shadow-weave design on the same theme: the “Bowen Knot.” (Chart posted for 19 pegs.)

Piglet wove the version below on a 19-peg loom (Cottage Loom) using plum and white loops (Friendly Loom) — if you try this, we’d love to see photos of how it turns out in other color pairings!

The resulting potholder is very flexible, with a puffier section containing the central knots, surrounded by a slightly thinner, flatter margin. There are some three-floats on the back side, but they’re very balanced and the fabric holds together well. The structure is rotationally symmetric, but the back side looks nothing like the front, instead showing the “boxes and equals-signs” that are the hallmark of these knot patterns’s undersides.

2 thoughts on “Bowen Knot”

  1. I love the knot patterns! But I don’t have a 19 peg loom so I managed to make this on a 27 peg loom by adding 4 dark loops on each side, and the top and bottom, centering the 19 peg pattern in the middle. It worked! Centered on all side edges is a checkerboard pattern and the 4 corners are dark. Used green and white because- it seemed appropriate for St.Paddy’s. Now I can’t wait to do all the knot patterns this way and might sew them together to make a runner. I’d send a picture but I’m not on any social media sites.

    1. Nancy, that runner project sounds like fun!

      You’re right that adding a solid-color (or striped) pattern around an 18- or 19-peg design is a great way to scale it up to a 27-peg loom.

      In this case, I took your comment as a challenge and figured out a way to “stretch” the pattern by making the loops of the knot larger, so you’ll now find a 27-peg chart for the Solomon’s and Bowen knots in our catalog, and I hope to be able to add larger versions of some of the other knots in the coming weeks.

      Have fun!

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