Frequently Asked Questions

Newcomers to our hobby may face a bewildering series of unfamiliar terms — where do you even start?

While the field of weaving is incredibly rich and impossible to document completely, the following pages try to answer some of the basic questions that you might face.

About This Site

How do I read these charts? What do the | and — symbols mean?

Are all of these charts really free? What can I do with them?

Why are the charts in black and white? What colors should I use?

Tricks and Techniques

What do I do if a chart calls for more (or fewer) loops than my loom has pegs?

Potholder Resources

Where can I buy supplies, like looms, loops, and hooks?

Where can I look for new ideas: patterns, inspiration, and community?

Weaving Basics

What do all of these special weaving words mean: warp, weft, tabby, twill, and so forth?