Wreath of Branches

Here’s a fun variation on a familiar design, bent into a loop to form “Wreath of Branches.”
• 27-Peg Chart: potholders.piglet.org/?wreath_of_branches

As with the other branch designs, the motif is echoed by another set of branches pointing in the opposite direction, and it’s all repeated on the back side with the colors reversed.

It’s mostly tabby weave, with ribs of over-two floats running down the spine of each branch, so it lies nice and flat and square.

(Perhaps it could represent a laurel wreath, awarded to someone who approaches cooking as an Olympic sport?)

3 thoughts on “Wreath of Branches”

    1. In the combined 2023 PDF it’s page 181, or if you have the separate files it’s in section III (“shadow weave”) on page 78.

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