3-layer warping, a tutorial

If you are a pin-loom weaver, then you are already familiar with the 3-layer warping technique.  Did you know you could apply it to potholder loom weaving!?  If you are producing a tabby (over-under) fabric with no twills, then you can weave a potholder much more quickly, with more even tension, and less wear-and-tear on your loops and hands.  Here’s how:

Step 1: place loops on every other peg of your horizontal.

Step 2: place loops on every other peg of your vertical.

Step 3: place loops on the empty pegs of your horizontal.

Step 4: weave loops on the empty pegs of your vertical.

Voila!  A finished potholder with half the weaving.

Would you prefer videos, to walk you through the entire process?  You’re in luck!

[2022 Update]: For another take on this, check out this thirty-minute silent video.

How to weave a coaster on a potholder loom

Using an 18-peg traditional Harrisville loom, you can easily weave a coaster-sized 9-peg fabric.  The trick is to use every *other* peg, which makes a smaller result, and evenly distributes the tension throughout.  I learned this trick on a potholder Facebook group (sadly, I have forgotten who taught me, or which group it was).