11 thoughts on “It’s Raining Hearts (Hallelujah!)”

  1. Have the heart pattern but having trouble understanding the pattern anyway you could help ? Have made a few attempts but no Hearts ♥️

  2. Do you have the color chart for Raining Hearts in Red, White & Blue? I’m just beginning my adventure in advanced patterns. Thanks, Shelley Lawson

    1. Shelly — all of our charts are drawn in black and white, typically for just two colorways, but you can substitute in whichever colors you’d like. Contrast is important for this pattern, so look at your colors and decide what pairing gives the clearest contrast — for example, you could use a mix of dark red and blue for the loops shown as black on the chart, and white for the others, but that’s up to you!

  3. I a man having difficulty following It’s Raining Hearts pattern. I looked for help on following the charts but was unable to find it.

  4. Thank you for your generous sharing of patterns and techniques. My 6 year old granddaughter is giving her teacher a Standard Size (18 peg) Raining Hearts potholder and a half size (9 peg every-other-peg) coaster for Valentine’s Day. I learned to make potholders in the 60’s before computers and YouTube helps, am mostly self taught, and never thought of weaving over 2 and 3 loops at a time with potholders to create different patterns. I find your explanations and videos clear and easy to understand. Do not let stingy critics get you down about who discovered/created before you. Unaided, I “discovered” many patterns and techniques I now see printed (some for sale on other sites), but feel no ownership of creativity. Most of arts and crafts has always been there, waiting to be forgotten and discovered over and over. I am sure this Heart pattern took quite a bit of time to work out, and you could have just kept it for yourself. The kindness you showed others in passing it on speaks volumes about your spirit, and is greatly appreciated. So glad to have discovered your website.

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