Zig Zags

Here’s a great illustration of how your color choices in weaving these patterns can affect the design impact.

Basic zigzags are an easy way to start working in twill.  The evenly-distributed floats make a thick, puffy fabric that is very protective.  The pattern is reversible, slightly offset on the back, as you can see by the multi-tone potholder below.

The 27-peg pattern shown here can be easily cut down into an 18- or 9- peg pattern, by using the first 18 (or 9) rows and columns.  (For the 9-peg pattern, place your loops every other peg of the 18-peg loom.)

The twill weave produces a smaller, puffier fabric.

Striping horizontally vs. vertically accentuates different aspects of this weaving pattern.

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