How to weave a coaster on a potholder loom

Using an 18-peg traditional Harrisville loom, you can easily weave a coaster-sized 9-peg fabric.  The trick is to use every *other* peg, which makes a smaller result, and evenly distributes the tension throughout.  I learned this trick on a potholder Facebook group (sadly, I have forgotten who taught me, or which group it was).

3 thoughts on “How to weave a coaster on a potholder loom”

  1. I notice that the corners are all different – two prongs open on one corner, one on two corners, and none on another. Does it matter how these corners are looped? Should the corner with no prongs left open be opposite the one with two prongs left open? Is the corner with two prongs left open the best one to put the hanger on?

    1. No, the precise alignment of the loops on the loom doesn’t make a big difference, and you could move all of the loops over a peg without changing the result — just bind off as usual and it will all even out once it comes off the loom and you give it a couple of tugs to balance out the tension.

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