Crazy Eights

Puffy, thick, stable, attractive, exceptionally easy to weave. One side infinity, the other side tiles?

Almost finished weaving, you can see the one-dot squares very clearly. The twill pattern causes them to close up when we take this off the loom, and those wee single brown squares disappear underneath a larger 2×2 white square. That’s what produces both the thickness and shrinkage of the fabric.
For fun, I worked this out to 29 pegs, instead of 27. I added an extra burgundy loop on all 4 sides, to finish the pattern at a 2/2 twill row and column, all the way around. This is optional! You can just work the 27 pegs as charted. Here you see my extra edge loops, each hooked onto the pegs of its nearest neighbor. I’ve stacked them in the order I will want to bind them off, so each corner has one stacked with white on top, and the other burgundy on top.
The finished twill fabric shrinks more than tabby coming off the loom. This is about 7.5″ square.
The back is fantastic! Look at that tile pattern!

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