Roses and Thorns

Bed of roses! Yet another delight from the mad adaptation skills of Matthew, who converted a multi-shaft weaving design by Mary Bentley into a potholder chart. Isn’t it lovely!? And ripe for color play. There is so much fun to be had with this design.

The fabric is thick but not especially puffy, and hangs remarkably flat.

I was short 4 red loops, so I used carnation instead. I think they look like scattered petals. There is so much scope for color play here!
On the other side, we see that the pattern is inverted, with 5 “roses” and 4 “thorns”.
Stretched out on the loom, the design is very geometrical. We see no hint of the organic nature to come after binding off.
Here’s how my chart looks, after weaving. Highlighting alternate rows helps me keep track, especially in this design, which does not alternate colors.
Surprise! Remember that the loop colors do not strictly alternate!
27-Peg Chart

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