Three-Three Twill Solo Wave

Here’s a brand-new chart with an especially-plush weave: “Three-Three Twill Solo Wave.”

This is a variation of our “Three-Three Twill Zig Zags” chart, with the contrasting color restricted to a single stripe. There are charts for 28/27 pegs and for 19 pegs.

Note that this shrinks up even more than a straight 3/3 twill, and as a result of that, it’s super thick and soft. The example below is woven with pro-size FL/Harrisville loops, 28 in the warp and 27 in the weft, and after binding off it’s just 6.5″ x 7″.

There are some long over-five floats, but the fabric holds together well and there are no gaps in the weave.

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