Breeze Block

Breeze Block is an attractive shadow-weave pattern with bold geometric designs on both sides, which complement each other while remaining visually distinct — I have trouble deciding which is the “front” because both are strong enough to stand on their own.

The floats are evenly distributed and balance each other out, so it lies nice and flat.

It’s inspired by a chart in an old German book of weaving patterns, although I had to scale down the original to fit on our little looms.

Charts are on our website in both 27-peg and 19-peg sizes.

For the curious, below is the source image I adapted this from, taken from Die färbige Gewebemusterung (“The Colored Fabric Pattern”) by Franz Donat (1907), plate 36, figure 6. I eliminated six rows from both the warp and weft in order to get the above 27-peg design, and even more to squeeze it down to the 19-peg version.

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