Indented Bendlets

Piglet worked a 19-peg version of our “Indented Bendlets” pattern, and while she was doing so identified a few places where the 27-peg chart included some needlessly-long floats. The corrected charts have been posted to our website and are attached below.

She describes the resulting potholder as “thick, but not too plush,” and “flexible but not floppy.” She also says it is “noticeably flat and even. Very stable. This stability is tied to the way the weaving pattern is established along the major diagonals.”

I’m really happy with how this works up, and the subtle difference in plushness between the narrow and wide stripes that develops when you take it off the loom.

This is another one of those designs that looks different while it’s on the loom — the little spots of color inside each of the contrasting boxes pulls down when you bind off, leaving a solid-color diagonal stripe.

Charts attached and on our home page as usual.

3 thoughts on “Indented Bendlets”

  1. Thank you SOOO much for all the wonderful patterns you have gifted to us all!
    I have downloaded your Dec 22 issue. There must be a more recent version that include your Jan & Mar patterns but I have yet to find it. Would you please direct me to where that is available? Thanks & Happy trails, Jo.

    1. Jo — thanks for the positive feedback. We generally publish an updated PDF with all of the patterns every few months, but it requires some extra effort so we don’t do it until a good number of new charts have accumulated.

      Until then, the individual charts are listed on the home page (and sometimes within blog posts such as this one) so you can download and print them separately.


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