Waffle Weaves

New fabric *boggle*. Waffle weave!!! It is RIDICULOUS. IT WAFFLES.

The “Belgian” version is crazy thick. The “Breakfast” version is modified for flatness. The “Liége” version has smaller pockets.

These would make an excellent trivet. The pockets insulate and separate the base of the hot dish from the table finish, so you don’t end up steaming your trivet onto the surface.

Shown below in traditional size, these patterns are available in both 27-peg and 19-peg charts.

Belgian Waffle
Breakfast Waffle
Liége Waffle

One thought on “Waffle Weaves”

  1. I have been enjoying the dimensional quality of the waffle weaves on the PRO loom. Thank you for sharing the structure scales for loops.

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