Tumbling Boxes

Oh!! This one is delightful! Such fun to touch. And also easy to weave, with the same pattern shifting across each row. The texture on this one pulls to the inside of the fabric, leaving a remarkably flat surface, good for trivets and coasters. The back side is deeply waffled, or honeycombed. The front is a flat tiled surface. The potholder as a whole is small and thick.

One thought on “Tumbling Boxes”

  1. I love the way this one seems to be woven at an angle, as if the loops were put on the loom diagonally, but in fact it’s woven completely normally and on the square, just a mix of one-, two-, and three-floats that twist in on themselves when they come off the loom.

    The result is about the same dimensions and puffy thickness as a three-three twill.

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