Three-One Satin

Such fun, exploring a new weave! This is a satin weave, adapted by Matthew Simon Ryan Cavalletto from a draft.

There’s always that moment, taking a new weave with floats off the loom, when you wonder if it will all fall apart, or prove a sturdy, pleasant fabric. Success! This is soft to the touch, resists bias, and drapes well in the hand for a secure grip.

I found it easy to weave, once I got going. The pattern established itself rapidly and I did not need to refer to the chart after the first several rows.

It has a lovely texture, not well captured on photos. The loops here are Harrisville navy and white. I look forward to seeing what people do with the colors!

Testing a new chart holder! Found a picture frame no longer in use. Folded the chart to fit inside.
The pattern is beginning to show itself, as I work from the middle out.
One easy way to weave this wide-spread 3 over / 1 under is to simply take the warp loops off…
…place the weft loop…
…and hook the warp loops back in place, one…
…two, etc.
How it looks from the back, about 1/3 of the way through.
Finished front on the loom, the moment of truth.
And here’s the woven rear view, still on the loom.
Voila! Front side flat, after binding off.
And the back side (as woven), flat, after binding off. I love how the dots dance.
An angled view of the texture of this satin twill fabric.
And how the pattern practically vibrates up close.
Finished potholder, hanging in action, with the “back” side showing. I like this side better as a front.
Finished potholder, hanging in action with the side woven as front showing. The white loops are longer than the navy, so the fabric bulges on the white side.
27-peg chart. Woven over-3/under-1, with rows shifted by varying amounts to avoid creating diagonal wales
And here’s the 18-peg version.


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