Super Hearts

Super hearts? Beating hearts? Followup to “It’s Raining Hearts”, we have this beauty. Shares many of the same characteristics, texturally. The weave is not too difficult, but there is no obvious pattern to it, so following the chart precisely is key. You can see that I printed my chart & highlighted my progress as I went.

You decide which direction you want your hearts to hang. I held mine up in 2 directions, and decided I preferred “back” side up. So I started binding off from square 27/27 of the chart.


4 thoughts on “Super Hearts”

  1. Which symbol is over (column) and which is under? In the book In the loop: Radical Potholder Patterns & Techniques by Deborah Jean Cohen it says”_” means over and “I” means under, I thought the column was over and the “-” was under. I am so confused! Help

    1. The line shows which loop should be visible in front, so — means the horizontal (weft) loop is visible because it goes OVER the vertical (warp) loop … and | means the vertical loop is visible because the horizontal one went UNDER it…

  2. Really wish you could use “o” and “u”. It would be so much easier then trying to remember which is over and under. Just a thought and WISH !

    1. Some people like the lines, other people like the letters, so whichever one I choose will disappoint some people.

      Doing both would be more time consuming, and would reduce the number of patterns I can chart.

      If you (or anyone) want to create alternate versions of our charts — or instructions written out as words — we would gladly welcome that contribution.

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