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The front page of this site, which contains a listing of all of our published charts, now includes a simple search feature that makes it easier to locate specific charts.

When you visit the home page of, you’ll see a gray field near the top prompting you to “type to search.”

As you type into that field, the list of charts on the page will be filtered to only show matching entries. For example, if you type in “basket” the page will show only basketweave patterns.

Searching only works on the visible titles, so this will not find descriptive commentary that may appear in the comments area on an individual chart.

You can filter for charts by size, so if you type in “19” you’ll see only patterns which include a 19-peg chart.

Search Links

You can also include search terms in links, so if you send someone a link to they will see a listing of just the nine-block charts.

This allows linking to individual charts such as, or just the PDF files with

Regular Expressions

The search feature uses your browser’s regular-expression engine, so you can search for “17|19” to find patterns with either a 17-peg chart or a 19-peg chart.

These can be included in links, so|padded will lead people to a page displaying patterns which contain either “waffle” or “padded.”


3 thoughts on “Searchable Index”

  1. Thank you so much for these fascinating, and free, patterns. Although I am in my 80s, somehow I had never woven a potholder before. I have printed out many of your patterns and am enjoying this new-to-me craft so much! It is so satisfying to be able to give away such a practical gift to children, grandchildren and friends. Thank you again!

  2. Thank you so much for you pattern booklet! Do you have written out word for word, for example, *under 2, over 1* repeat….for any of your charted patterns? I love all the ideas and have made many then I discovered a pattern book where the patterns are written out word for word, no chart. I started on charts but now I find it’s easier for me to go word for word instead of reading a chart. Do you have your patterns transcribed into this format? Is anyone working on it? Has anyone else inquired? Thank you! JudyGKnits in Cleveland, OH

    1. Judy — thank you for the feedback!

      We currently do not have written-out instructions for our charts. One hesitation in producing such instructions has been the realization that different people tend to start from different corners of the loom when weaving — from top to bottom or bottom to top, and from left to right or right to left — and others from the center out.

      For most of our designs, weaving with the text instructions but starting from a different corner than expected would still produce an attractive design, just flipped or rotated, but I worried that it’d be confusing if they didn’t match the pictures, and couldn’t decide how to resolve the question so I gave up.

      However, note that all of our designs are available for adaptation, so if someone else wanted to write out the word-based instructions and share them online, that would be fantastic and they would have our full support.

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