Rick Rack vs. Garden Path

Rick-Rack (l) and Garden Path (r), front view of both.
Rick-Rack (l) and Garden Path (r), rear view of both.

Here are two 2/2 twill patterns demonstrating how a very small change in weaving order can have a dramatic design impact.

Working out a twill pattern for Rick Rack was a struggle.  Inspired by Cross Breeze, it took us many repeated tries to get the weave right, with even twills and a minimum of over-three floats. Matthew drew nine different charts, with Piglet marking up proposed revisions, and cutting charts into pieces and taping them back together until we got something balanced.

In the process of getting to Rick Rack, Piglet wove Garden Path.  There is one simple change of one 3-over float every other row between the two patterns.  The design impact is very different.  Rick Rack is visually more powerful, with its central zigzag echoing the other lines.

Rick Rack on the loom, weaving in the last row.
Reverse side of finished Rick Rack potholder.
A minor change from Rick Rack makes a huge impact on Garden Path.

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