Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

This pattern really is bigger on the inside.

As we saw with the coaster pattern, 2 over 2 in a tabby-like “basketweave” is inherently unstable and will collapse on itself.  This pattern uses this behavior for its magic, collapsing “fish scales” into diagonal lines.  Other threadings produce similarly unexpected color variations.

The weaving pattern here is over 2, under 2, over 1, under 1, repeat to end.  On the next row, shift over *2* columns.

Row 1:  over 1, under 1, over 2, under 2, repeat to end.  Row 2: under 2,  over 1, under 2, over 2,  repeat to end.  Row 3: over 2, under 2, over 1, under 1, repeat to end.  Repeat these 3 rows until done.

The fabric is thick and dense, producing a smaller than usual potholder.

Let’s try that with green and purple columns, white rows, on an 18-peg traditional sized loom.

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